Working on the road – part 2: What does work


I need my routines, especially my morning routine or I am lost. It can be quite tricky to keep them in place while I am on the road, places change, people change, travel disrupts them. I won’t lie it is hard to maintain them and keep a sense of normalcy even through several time zones. Don’t forget that Europe has three and Canada with five isn’t better.

I haven’t tested this in direction from America to Europe, just eastern to southwestern Europe to Canada. I will see if it works backwards in June.

In the best case the people you’ll meet have their own morning routines and you adjust yours just a little bit. Workable scenario is that they don’t really have a morning routine but they have to be out of the house by a certain hour. Then I can just get out of the bed later when I know they won’t be using bathroom or kitchen. It’s harder but still workable.

The worst case scenario which I couldn’t figure out yet is when people don’t have routines at all and live in somewhat organized chaos. These are the hardest because it’s not possible to predict when there will be a quiet time in the house. I haven’t tried switching to a night shift mainly because in Spain that’s not a smart idea.


I have several gadgets with me and most of them I haven’t used yet. I have used a portable scanner once but the quality was questionable because scanning my passport is not a good idea.

Camera is a must have if you are traveling, tripods aren’t. I am not a professional YouTuber or photographer. If you are you probably know more about this than I do. (I have thought about making a YouTube channel about my adventure but I can’t stand myself talking on the screen.)

Fun gadgets like brain wave reader or game pad are optional although they can be fun to play with if you get easily bored. I don’t but I have both. (I plan to make a game for one of those two quite soon.)

Phone. I use this little devil for other things than making phone calls, I have phone anxiety and sometimes I can’t speak. It’s my trusty guide because Microsoft allows me to download maps before I go anywhere and helps me save money on data. Remotely I can manage my bank account in Europe through text messages.

Tablet and laptop. Both are my working and fun devices. Being a designer/coder I am able to test quickly my designs on a “mobile” device. Editing photos is great, I recommend you to travel with a good mouse. Writing notes and blog posts are two great ways how to use them too.


These two are the most important things, excluding good food and hard bed (for us with back pain), to consider when traveling and working at the same time. I haven’t talk about a desk which is in my opinion an optional thing if you have warm and quiet corner. See you somewhere on the road.