Working on the road – part 1: What doesn’t work

Welcome to my series of posts about traveling and working at the same time. In this post I will start covering what doesn’t work and in subsequent posts I’ll write what works for me. Everything I write comes from my personal experience after two months of traveling and I want to sum what works now because I have at least 4 months in front of me.

Mental state

Mental health is probably the most important part when it comes to traveling. Before you leave you should settle everything with you family and friends. If you have mental health problems, please, talk to your therapist if you can find one whom you can trust.
I am writing this because when I left I ran away from a certain abusive family member for second time in my life. Instead of focusing on starting my own business I focused on my own mental health. I wish I cut contact with them earlier and dealt with the aftermath when I had a stable roof over my head. But on the other hand leaving at precise date gave a clear cut which made things easier.

Working space

This is the second biggest problem for me. I identify myself as a spoonie1 and it’s not easy as going to the nearest café or tea house. A desk in my AirBnB room is a necessity or at least a table I can use during the day to work at. Unfortunately that’s not always the case.
Luckily a room with a tall enough bed and a window is enough to get me started and keep me going.


When I am traveling everything is a distraction. The city where I am is one big distraction because I am not used to sounds, smells and people in it. My body will distract me at certain times because it needs to be fed. Finding safe food is the hardest thing for me because I need to prepare myself for it. So I usually spend a lot of time on the internet researching places to eat only to find that less than 10% have their menus on the internet, let’s not distinguish here those with PDFs and plain text.
Since I am staying at AirBnB places usually, noise-cancelling headphones are a convenient thing to have to destroy all unwanted noise. Although it isn’t very effective for Easter parades in Sevilla, Spain, they are too loud.
I also mentioned city is a big distraction. If you want to go see things there, research everything to the tiniest detail because sightseeing without a proper plan is a waste of time and the biggest distraction from working.


In this post I have identified three big categories which give me problems when traveling and working at the same time. In the next post(s) I will write about solutions which helped me in the past.

  1. I have to guess how much energy I have every day and adjust my plan for the day