WordPress notes: Dummy content

In design and development I need content, real content if I am working on a client project. No, I can’t do great job with dummy or generic content when I am designing for someone specific. But there is a part of design where I can’t use real content, themes for many people to download. I could have said premium but I may create a lite version as a demo and if someone chooses to buy it, that’s awesome. (This is probably the one and only case where I am Ok to work for free.)

First of all there is WordPress unit test and it’s data and wptest.io but in my opinion that’s not what I am looking for at the beginning although both have it’s place in my process. The content generator I am going to talk about can be split into two categories

  1. Content generators
  2. Shortcode generators

Content generators

These are plugins which create new content directly without the need to do anything manually besides basic configuration and pressing the button.


I admit that I am starting with my favorite so far. It allows me to generate not just posts but also comments, users and terms for taxonomies.

Plugin page

Demo Data Creator

A strong contender who can fight Fakerpress with simplicity but it can do almost everything Fakerpress can.

Plugin page

WP Dummy Post Generator

This plugin is the most confusing of all. It looks like it is able to generate quite complicated category structures for posts but because of its UI and date of the last update I won’t use it.

Plugin page

WP Example Content

Much more simpler plugin than Fakerpress but for basic functionality it is enough. It can only generate posts but as is the case with others it’s able to delete what it creates.

Plugin page

Shortcode generators

These are plugins which don’t create content themselves but allow a developer1 to create sample content manually. Personally I don’t like them because it’s more complicated solution.

Viavi Dummy Content Generator

This plugin has five predefined lengths from 100 to 1600 characters but it’s possible to set a specific number of characters.

Plugin page

Lorem Ipsum by Webline

A highly customizable plugin for creating shortcodes compared to the previous plugin.

Plugin page

Sample Content Generator

Sample Content Generator is the most user-friendly in this category because it doesn’t have its own settings page but it’s integrated into the text editor. So with one click you can add content and with second you can publish it.

Plugin page


If I didn’t forget about Fakerpress I wouldn’t write this post at all because it serves my needs. But I am glad that I could look for other plugins because I found couple in other categories which I might want to use in the future.

  1. or any WordPress user to create dummy content