WordPress migration checklist

Currently I am migration three websites to a different hosting. After wild migration of the first one I decided to make a checklist what to do. It’s general. In my case I should put there things like back up, delete and upload wp-config.php, so it’s not exhaustive but a starting point.

Old hosting

  1. Make list of plug-ins on your current website, just in case
  2. Log in to your old hosting through FTP
  3. Download folder ‘wp-content’. This folder contains plug-ins, themes and uploaded files like images
  4. Log in to your WordPress website administration
  5. Go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Export’
  6. Click ‘Download Export File’
  7. Save it on the disk
  8. Remember where you saved it

New hosting

  • Change DNS records at your domain registrar to new hosting

Manual method

  1. Download WordPress installation archive from wordpress.org
  2. Extract the file
  3. Upload contents of the folder to a new hosting through FTP
  4. Gather all necessary information from your host
    • If necessary create new database
  5. Go to your website
  6. Follow the wizard
    • This might not work as new DNS might not be updated everywhere

Installation scripts

  1. Check if host has installation scripts
    • If not, use manual method
  2. Use them
  3. Follow your host’s instructions

After installation

  1. Log in to your new hosting through FTP
  2. Upload folder ‘wp-content’
  3. Log in to WordPress administration
    • Here you need a bit of caution because new DNS servers might updated everywhere
  4. Go to ‘Users’ -> ‘Add New’
  5. Create new user with ‘Administrator’ role. Select just before button ‘Add New User’
  6. Log out
  7. Log in as the user you just created
  8. Delete the default user
  9. Go to ‘Tools’ -> ‘Import’
  10. Choose WordPress
  11. Install the plugin
  12. Click on ‘Choose file’ and locate the exported file
    • There might be different text on the button, this exact phrase is valid only on my computer. It should be something similar
  13. Assign all posts to the new user if it is appropriate
  14. Check settings for all plug-ins
  15. Congratulations! You have just migrated your WordPress site


I hope it’ll help you. I will keep this as is probably for the next two years before my hosting expires.