Why I write

Last two Octobers I’ve participated in Geek Mental Health Week with my blog posts. I still struggle with my mental health but it’s no longer enough to write about it. Fortunately writing is part of taking care of my mental health.

Writing is part of my mental health self-care and an indicator of my current mental well being because I am not always aware of it. There are several types of writing that I do.

Daily one sentence journal

My daily one sentence journal indicates that my life is going well. When I slip with journaling it usually means one of two things. One is that I am too busy with everything around me that I simply forget to write one sentence before I go to bed. Or that I am depressed and don’t have energy to keep up with my daily routines.

Regular journal

I do have a regular journal where I write things just to relieve the pressure in my head. These days I use it mostly when I have difficult decision to make because writing really helps processing things.

Work journal

I heard that when you are in a country where is happening a transition from democratic regime to a totalitarian one it’s good to keep written record of everything that’s happening. When you don’t keep track of things soon you’ll start feeling like a delusional person because there’s no written record.

I have such journal because at one past project I was starting to doubt my abilities to write code and that made me feel furious. Written record helped me a lot. At the moment I don’t see a need to use it because it’s a nuclear option.

This blog

Writing on this blog means making at least occasionally some preparation. When I want to write technical post I need to research what I am writing about and create a demo. When I am writing an article about tech I need to do a lot of research before I can even start writing. Irregular weekly updates have to be prepared because I need to read articles on the web and I have to read at least two or three times more articles than I link in that post.

Writing for this blog requires time and being at a good place. Without at least a tolerable day job I wouldn’t be able to write here at all. When there are regular updates here it just means that my mental well being is good.