Why I use minireset.css instead of normalize.css

There are 10 boxes which move towards 0,0 point and back to their original location

Although normalize.css is an industry standard I prefer using minireset.css instead.

There are two different philosophies at play here. Normalize.css is good at normalizing behavior between all browsers and that’s, on its own, a good thing. The developer will know that if they modify CSS after normalization it will behave approximately the same in every browser.

The biggest con which I see at the moment is that it’s quite a long file with comments and nothing is that simple. Debugging CSS with a foreign and a bit long file can be a bit complicated.

On the other hand minireset.css just resets some properties for predefined tags which have a bit different implementation in each browser. It’s shorter file with fewer rules compared to normalize.css and on some projects debugging can be easier because for the developer it’s somewhat easy1 to look at 80 lines of CSS code and figure out where’s the problem.

At the end of the day both are just tools and if you feel that you know better normalize.css and want to keep using it, don’t stop. I have used both in the past and if I am around people who are more comfortable using normalize.css I’ll use it again.

  1. Nothing is that easy and sleep is the best debugger