Why I participate in NaNoWriMo?

Aside that it’s a good challenge to write a book in exactly one month it serves couple of purposes:

  1. Storytelling
  2. Writing practice
  3. Writing practice #2


Web design and game design both employ storytelling but web design’s storytelling isn’t explicit like game design’s storytelling. The reason why many people don’t think storytelling is part of the web design is the invisibility of it but good web design employs it. It’s also why good web designers want to have a copy which will be used on the web site before they start designing.

Every input that the designer gets from a client tells the story of the client which web designer has to transform into a web site. When designer designs she needs more inputs than a design brief. The design brief is about the problem and how the client needs to fix that problem. A good copywriter will listen to the client and will polish the words so the message the clients sends is clear. Designer can either boost the message with good storytelling skills or dampen it.

Writing practice

Like many geeks I, too, learned how to write from picking individual keys and later was able to master six fingers method1. For years I successfully avoided any attempt to teach me how to write with ten fingers and during my time at university I switched to completely different layout2.

During the summer heat wave I decided to learn how to type with all my fingers. No, the reason wasn’t that I was getting killed so much while playing The Typing of The Dead: Overkill. The reason why was my layout change years ago. I knew that I could type faster if I wanted but after every attempt I was fighting my fine motor skills and boredom. When one learns to type on QWERTY layout it’s usually repetitive moves with fingers typing non-sense.

When it came to learning how to type on Dvorak I found more than one learning program which does the same. So I gave up couple of times before trying learn.dvorak.nl which let’s users type existing words. NaNoWriMo is just the same thing as level 5 but more intense and longer.

Writing practice #2

This is my coding blog where I try to post technical posts and very few personal posts3 but a little bit of practice writing fiction can’t hurt my non-fiction writing. It can even help because I’ll be able to fight better the Writer’s block and do better research.


Write, it’s fun and painful.

  1. There’s no such thing as six fingers method. User is just able to use two fingers on each hand and press space with thumbs
  2. Dvorak, although Colemak is interesting too
  3. My personal blog is called Blog on a paper