Why I am leaving WordPress

Closing purple luggage with Wordpress logo inside

I have been using WordPress for last eight years or so, both, WordPress.com and self-hosted. Unfortunately it’s time to move on.

Reason 1 – Language support

It’s true that WordPress supports many languages but multilingual WordPress doesn’t work properly at all. I’ve tried both single site translation plugins and multisite setup.

Single site solution didn’t work for me because my plan involves more obscure languages than English or German. Multisite gave me more freedom but tracking two or three separate WordPress blogs meant more work than I was willing to do. All plugins that I’ve tried had problems with localization to Czech and/or Estonian.

Reason 2 – Custom post types

WordPress is a blog management system, not a full Content Management System, and that’s ok. Being able to add custom post types with couple of lines of code is not enough for me at the moment. My needs require the ability to add custom post types without touching the code of either a plugin or a theme.

Reason 3 – Gutenberg

Honestly I am not a fan of Gutenberg. I believe that WordPress team should have focused on upgrading back-end part of WordPress to support PHP 7 instead of introducing a new technology to the code base. Also I have problem with React itself because I’ve worked with it in the past and can’t say that I am a fan, just the opposite.

My third issue with Gutenberg is the interface itself because for writing I utilize more mode without distractions than anything else. I appreciate keyboard shortcuts for bold or underline because using mouse is an obstacle in writing process. With Gutenberg I’ll have to add blocks with mouse, or at least when I tried it I had to.

Fourth issue is accessibility. So far I heard that Gutenberg is inaccessible to humans with assistive tech which to me means that it’s not production ready yet.

Where I am going

My next destination at least for my professional site and blog is Drupal because it supports quite well the first two things on my list and doesn’t have Gutenberg at all. I am not sure what I’ll do with my inactive blog or webcomic yet but I’ll leave WordPress sooner or later anyway.