Why am I learning C again?

I am comfortable with web stuff, hw and mcus but not with stuff in between

When Udemy was giving discounts I bought a C language course. Why the frozen hell as a front-end developer I would want to do that? Isn’t JavaScript enough?

No, JavaScript isn’t enough if I want to get better as a developer. Let’s face it if code looks like C it is most likely compiled as C and it’ll probably run faster. This thinking is weird in the age of transpilers but occasionally this kind of thinking one encounters a problem when it’s a good approach.

I have some historical reasons too but there are new possibilities for C language to be useful on the web. And I don’t mean in the exactly the same way as I read it in early 2000s in Linux Format magazine1 or Facebook’s HipHop. What I mean when it comes to future is WebAssembly. I wanted to try it for some time now but I couldn’t find time and when I could I hit a barrier called C.

When I studied at university we had short introduction to C in the first semester which I was able to pass with very basic knowledge and after that I forgot almost all of it2 because I thought that I won’t need it anymore.

I was young and I was wrong. I needed it a year and a half later when I chose to dive into MCUs headfirst without any thinking before hand. I passed that class but it felt like a brute force attack against an authentication service.

Nevertheless for some time now I wanted to make things which affect the physical world like the digital can’t. I don’t know if I’ll try playing with jewelbots or if I’ll head straight to ARM development kits.3

  1. The argument was to use C on the back-end because at that time it was faster than using VMs
  2. Things like pointers, working with input and memory
  3. I don’t like Python so RasPi is out of the question although I love that project