Which Tech Giant Would You Drop?

Feet of fallen giant in shoes. He wears blue pants and green top

I’ve been wanting to write this post since I read Anselm Hannemann’s blog post but I couldn’t find time, energy and mood to do it. So here go my picks:


  1. Facebook
  2. Alphabet
  3. Amazon
  4. Apple
  5. Microsoft


This company doesn’t bring any value to my life apart from React.js which I currently use at my day job. I have three friends with whom I keep in touch through this social network but with everyone else I have different options available. Phone, private pre-Facebook social network, snail mail, etc.


When I want to search something I use either DuckDuckGo or StartPage. I might have to drop the StartPage too because they use Alphabet’s search engine but I’d be still able to look up things. As for the e-mail I use my webhost’s e-mail servers for couple of years, so nothing to say good bye too unless I want to keep very old e-mails.

As for analytics I am not comfortable using Google for two reasons. One is privacy, I block Google Analytics almost always and I expect that everyone else does the same. The second is ghost traffic. Google Analytics when collecting information isn’t very sophisticated system and sometimes it happens that spam bots will spam your analytics with fake data. It happened to me more than once. Because of that I prefer to use server side analytics.


This one is a bit harder, but not that much. As far as I can tell I am using Amazon just to buy things but if I had to be very strict and said that the apps which I use can’t use it I’d be in trouble.

Apple & Microsoft

I am a screen reader user. Apple provides a very good screen reader, VoiceOver, unfortunately the cost is the same when I use Windows and JAWS. So there’s no winner and no one is better. Using Linux and Orca might be a viable option.

I would also lose my favorite code editor, Visual Studio Code, but I would manage with nano1 or Geany.

The only thing that would make it harder for me to drop Microsoft is Skype because my father lives abroad and it’s hard for me to imagine going back to phone calls and I don’t have an alternative for that yet.


I thought that this would be harder but I grew up with an off-the-grid mindset and dropping almost everything would be quite easy for me.

  1. Fuck emacs and vim