What’s next?

Country road in a sunrise

First week at my new job just ended. It was not even a full week, just two days. And it feels weird because my life plans didn’t pan out as I hoped, they folded.

I am grateful that I did what I did even if it ended up as a big failure. At least for me year ago living in Prague and having a job was a failure, also at that time I was quite hateful person for a lot of very good reasons. I couldn’t imagine that Czechs had the ability to treat me with kindness and respect. What I said in my blog post from Wednesday explains it, at least part of it.

I have an interesting job now where I work with Angular 2 and that’s probably all that I am allowed to say about it. It’ll probably keep me busy for next year or so before I start strongly longing for freedom and for home or homes.

As for my company I think it’s going to shut down for good. I have much more to learn and do on the branding side. Also I am not sure that my current employer would like to see me doing web things on the side since I am a web developer for him. So this is a chance to reinvent myself because I’ve been around tech since 13 after I suppressed my artistic side.

It was my first but definitely not my last business venture. It was a great teacher, learning how to keep books and handle the weight of responsibility aren’t things which I’ll forget easily.

So I’ll see you around because this blog is going to stay.

P.S.: I miss Bremen, Tallinn and Tartu.