What makes me tick?

After seven months at a job I am ready for some soul searching because this is the first time working in enterprise environment. Let’s be clear, money isn’t my main motivator although getting paid what I am worth is important. This post is about the work itself. (Disclaimer: This is not a critique of my employer.)(Disclaimer 2: I am currently not publicly open [May 2017] to job offers as I am unhappy in living in big cities especially when they aren’t mostly flat and without bike lanes.)


There is a reason why I chose to work as a Front-End Developer and not Embedded Systems or Back-End Developer. First of all I don’t care about Back-End that much because there is nothing about accessibility there and when there’s Spaghetti code users might not even notice. They may notice slower loading times but that’s pretty much all.

On the other hand Embedded Systems may face the user but being in German space1 I’d have to filter out a lot of automotive jobs. And user facing Embedded Systems have a lot to do with User Experience and Accessibility. On top of that there are similarities with Front-End, think bandwidth and decision where to process data, locally or remotely.

Unfortunately I am a dyslexic, dyspraxic, dysgraphic and have traits from couple of other disorders but they don’t show up on other people’s radars. I am also a user of assistive technology and as a Front-End Developer I can make people’s, including my own, lives better. (I couldn’t do as much as a desktop or mobile developer because I would limit myself to one platform.)


Grids & Animations. Do I need to say more? Standards are getting more complex and where we needed JavaScript in the past we can now just use faster native functions. And I just want to geekout. Isn’t that enough?

JavaScript, Scala

I am a weirdo and I like weird languages. Both of them support objects and functional paradigm which makes me think a lot more than standard Object Oriented Programming. (Hint: I can do Java too but I consider Java 8 and newer to be usable)

Scala.js which compiles Scala code to JavaScript, something like TypeScript, keeps me interested but I am struggling to find a good resource to learn more difficult stuff. As far as I know there’s nothing like “You Don’t Know JS” series for Scala.

Back to JavaScript, ES6 brings a lot of interesting features which I would love to try in the wild but the support isn’t 100% but we are getting there. For the time being we can use transpilers like Babel or write it in TypeScript.


This language is interesting and a decent dialect of JavaScript, compared to Adobe’s ActionScript. It makes it easier for Java developer to make leap to Front-End because it is strongly typed language and keyword this  works the same way as it works in Java and not JavaScript.

Overall I like all three and dislike ActionScript.


Accessibility, CSS and mainly JavaScript make me tick. I need and want to work with all somewhat equally (e.g. Front-End Dev) or one very deeply (e.g. Node.js dev).

  1. Outside of Germany but the economy is heavily dependent on German economy