Weekly report #3 – 2/2015


I think I’ve finished Watch Wolf. It’s finished when it comes to core functionality. There are always bugs.


PHPUnit is a challenge for me at the moment. I’m reading tutorials but I don’t think I’ll use it at the moment. When it comes to personal projects my next step is to change a bit structure, mainly names.


Today I found out that I can use built-in function in NetBeans instead of Watch Wolf to upload files to the FTP server. I’m not mad that I wrote the program. It was an interesting experience.

I also wrote a lot of code when it comes to project and label management. My biggest dilemma was where to save user’s project and label names. At first I wanted to put this information to the same place where names, passwords, etc. are stored, but then I chose to create separate table for project and label names.

Thursday – Sunday

Some thing personal happened and I needed to step back and deal with it. So no coding during this time.