Web worker’s log #9 – Enjoy the little things

Small flower in the corner

I like Zombieland1 and especially this phrase. I have been wondering where to put the things which I do daily, either for personal amusement or to try a new technique, and not keep them in the drawer.

One of the solutions is to use things like jsFiddle or Dribbble. I use the former but I doubt that anyone browses random profiles. And I have been thinking about the latter. It doesn’t make much sense to me to keep random snapshot of a project on someone else’s website2. If I have a bits and pieces of an project on my own website and later I add it to my portfolio it will make more sense.

Possible solutions

I have my blog on a WordPress framework3 and I don’t plan to change that anytime soon despite my interest in Ghost. I knew that I don’t want to post more than three blog posts every week because it would create a lot of noise.

My portfolio uses it’s own post type. So the choices were between separate post type and post format which would belong to the portfolio post type. Both have its pros and cons. The biggest pro for post format would be less items in the admin menu. Cons are that I would have add more logic to existing code because I want to treat it more like a visual blog than anything, picture and short description.

My choice was a custom post type because administration would be easier. In main portfolio I want to keep somewhere between three and ten things and I want to post three to five things a week.


During the week 1 of 12 week challenge I was creating a photo stream web site but at that time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use it on my website. There is a video how I designed it. The code is much simpler on my website mostly because the only thing I had to do was adapt it.

In my theme I use templates in order to make it more modular and easy to modify and code is from such module. When it comes to CSS I had to add six lines of code:

There are some discrepancies at the moment with different grey. My plan is to get rid of them when I switch to Sass because the variable system there is a lot better4 than the one in CSS.


I am happy that I found a way to post mini design and code projects without polluting my main blog or portfolio. Custom post types is my weapon of choice in this battle.


  1. This reminds me that I should design something spooky for Halloween
  2. Also a reason why I don’t have my blog on Medium
  3. I am not sure if calling WP just CMS isn’t downplaying of it’s capabilities
  4. Two dashes ‘–‘ are not exactly dyslexic friendly