Web worker’s log #7 – Nomadic scheduling – Weekends

Pickaxe in the corner

Personally I don’t really honor weekends because there was no time to honor them before the Crash1. ¬†At engineering school we had too much to do that sometimes weekends did not exist, especially in second year when we slept five hours on average for three months. But I realize that I have some need to rest.

Currently every two weeks I don’t work on Tuesdays because that’s when I travel. Monday and Wednesday are usually slow days when I pack, organize and sleep because travel is exhausting. Other than this there is no such thing currently in my life as weekends.

How my Saturday and Sunday look like then? I take it slow, I wake up when I wake up and I start with my todo list which is shorter than usual and normally filled with lower priority tasks. For example my last weekend was filled with shooting videos for my YouTube channel. Other times I wrote couple of blog posts or worked on a side project.

This is the last post in the series. I hope it inspired you in some way or another. If you have any time, please leave them in comments.

  1. Combine not being able to pretend to be neurotypical after a long time and burnout