Web worker’s log #6 – Nomadic Scheduling 2

Flying clock with feather wings

I am a week late with this post thanks to AirBnB. To be frank I still struggle with non-nomadic scheduling, so by the end of the summer I might write similar post with more insights.

Routines, routines, routines. Almost everyone needs them, even allistic1 people, but to those of us with autistic traits, they are our lifeline, some times. Especially on the road lack of routines means that I am sometimes unable to eat and when one does not eat, one has no energy to work. My current strategy how my eating problem is by searching near by fast foods, healthier kinds than McDonalds, i.e. French connection or Subway. (At least in Subway I know that my sensory issues stay put when it comes to eating tuna. Eating fish has been a big problem for me in the past.) And trying to learn to cook and fail miserably in the grocery store.

Now let’s talk about splitting my time. I need to start working as soon as possible after waking up otherwise I am slower. So one of the implications is that skipping breakfast makes me feel better throughout the day and my executive function is a lot better too.

Usually I split my time into four one hour and a half long blocks and these blocks are split into 3 pomodoro units. Between the big blocks I have a bit longer breaks, 10 to 15 minutes.

Apps to keep track of things are tricky. Some have floating times, like Todoist, others don’t, like Windows Phone and Mac calendars. At least not by default, I found that there is an option to make an event float between time zones in Mac calendar. When I was in Canada I used combination of Todoist and Mac calendar but after returning to Europe and dealing with the jet-lag and calendar stuck in Eastern time, I gave up. So currently I don’t have set up a system but I plan to use both but I need to think about it more. I am also considering what to add to it.

Next week will be about how do I define weekend and should I work on weekends?

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