Web worker’s log #4 – Nomadic Scheduling 1

Clock on the back of a fly

I wrote two post about traveling and working at the same time already. In this post I want to focus on time and how to use it effectively. I’ll split it into two parts, nomadic lifestyle and general.

Nomadic lifestyle

Being nomad for a period in one’s life is an interesting way how broaden one’s perspective and how to learn schedule effectively. For one it’s quite harder to do laundry, there is no washing machine in bathroom or kitchen, depending on geographical region and type of accommodation. I have found it hard and expensive not to schedule properly laundry days.

Personal observation: I love one laundromat chain in Spain. The one self-service laundry in Prague is probably the most expensive I used so far including that one time in Madrid. Laundromats in Bremerhaven and Hamburg are not exactly user friendly.

Second thing is traveling from A to B. Since a lot of time it’s cheaper to fly on Tuesdays or Wednesdays compared to rest of the week, you need to decide if you will have unusual weekends or if you write those days off or if you catch up on first available weekend and after that it’s business as usual. I am not sure which option is best for me but I like to work every day because every day when I don’t practice my craft, my skills stagnate or get a little worse.

Jet-lag is a standalone topic which I haven’t figured out yet. Trying to pretend that everything is in order and wait for my body to catch up doesn’t work. It used to when I was a lot younger. Next time I will probably schedule couple days after my return to just sleep and do nothing or very little. There are some strategies on Wikipedia about Jet-lag which might be worth a try.

Another complicated thing is sightseeing and souvenir buying spree. As a vlogger it complicates my life a bit more. I am an early bird so it’s easier to do this after a short day when I am not far away from the area which I want to visit. But when it is a similar case like when I was in Brake (Unterweser) the logistics are hard to resolve.

In Brake I was around an hour away from Bremen by car, by train and bus it was at least hour and a half. When I add my executive functioning problems to the mix I am surprised that I was able to get there couple of times.

Don’t buy first souvenir you see! I repeat: don’t buy the first souvenir you see. Unless you are at that place for an hour and then you have to run away.

And at last prepare for bad weather so you don’t feel disappointed by a month of rain because in some countries that’s summer. This post is longer than I expected so I’ll finish it next week with some non-nomadic strategies how to deal with scheduling. I’ll also introduce the Scotty constant.


Wikipedia page about Jet-lag