Web worker’s log #2 – Drawing

Digital is great but analog is sometimes faster to produce new ideas and to prototype. On a personal level drawing is a skill how to communicate which is a very important skill for me because I still have problems to speak occasionally. Regardless of my ability to speak as a nomadic worker I don’t always know the local language. And even when I do know at least a little I am usually too shy to use it. As an example I needed some knitting supplies recently in Germany so I made some notes:

Sketchnotes used to buy knitting supplies in Germany

Sketchnotes used to buy knitting supplies in Germany

The lady behind the counter understood it perfectly and I now have everything I need to make a scarf.

Besides this little sketchnote most of my usage for drawings is during the wireframing phase of design.

Wireframes for a new design

Wireframes for a new design. Footer is one of the things with which I begin

In my case it doesn’t end there because when I want to use something fancier than boxes I need to sketch the little details on paper before I am able to create on the screen. At least a rough sketch but more details on paper make it easier to convert it to the digital space.

Drawing and sketching are important skills for my work and it doesn’t matter if it is development or design. The only thing that changes are types of drawings and sketches. So it’s worth to talk about this type of skills to show parts of my process when I create things.


Skillshare class about sketchnoting