Web worker’s log #11 – Was ist los?

Don’t worry I won’t write this post in German, at least not this time. What happened with me since the last time I posted here?

First of all I returned to Germany via Estonia.

Second I started having doubts about being a freelancer and my specialization or lack of it. I like web design but at the moment I don’t think that’s the most interesting thing to do because I am mostly interested in accessibility. That doesn’t mean design has nothing to do with it, on the contrary, colors, contrast and content organization are quite important.

What I am interested is implementation of the design because I still like to use a screen reader for longer texts. There are website which makes sense and some which are completely chaotic. At the moment I feel that if I specialize in front-end development and leave the design behind me I can do a better job.

The freelancing part is hard because I don’t like self-promotion and at the same time I realize that if I say nothing I’ll stay with more or less empty calendar. Filling it with product work is not something which I enjoy. In case there was another person or two with whom I could cooperate, it would be a different case. Alone, no thanks.

At the moment I am looking for a job in Bremen and in Berlin because I think that it’ll help me to settle at least for some time. I don’t want to live as digital nomad anymore. But before I find something I am available for freelance front-end dev work and WordPress theming.