Web worker’s log #1 – Information overload

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After realizing that I can’t post two relatively big articles about serious things every week and that I have couple of interesting things I do every week I decided to create another log, like I do on Friday. First the name, I do not think about myself as a designer or developer only, I am bit of both because accessibility touches both fields. I would call myself an Accessibility specialist. Not an expert because that means that I have achieved the final step and there’s nowhere to go next.

Information overload

This log’s theme is information overload. There are countless sources of information on the web. Which one to pick and how to keep track of them all? This is not a problem just for spoonies1 like me but also for “normal” people to some extent. The difference is that as a spoonie I don’t have as many personal resources (time and energy).

Blog strategies

Two months ago I began analyzing blogs which appear in my Twitter feed. Some of them I keep now in my RSS reader which I had to purge because the old list of blogs became unmaintainable. I won’t be reading all 10 or so articles which were downloaded by default by my RSS reader but I will make time every day to go through new posts and either read them right away or mark them as read because unless I read them now I won’t read them ever.

I have this observation with Pocket where I store posts and from time to time I read them but it’s nothing regular.


Between now and the time I have crashed a lot of those who I used to listen to ended. This allowed me to start with a clean slate, almost. I will always like to listen to Unfinished Business and Boag world but other than that I am still open to suggestions.

So far I will be also trying these:


There is information to be gained elsewhere than blogs and podcasts. One of the places are courses like those at Udemy or Skillshare. I have tried both but I prefer Skillshare partly because the courses are shorter and partly because it’s easier to use. The ease of use of the forums is more important to me which became harder to use on Udemy after a redesign. Also on Skillshare are some people whose work I admire, so it’s great to have access to their thought process.

For the course which I take I am very picky but that won’t save me from having a list of courses which I would like to try. I try to mix personal interests and professional goals together because it can be done and one influences the other.

As an example I’ll say that my attention span is very short when it comes to podcasts, I tried running but there was no fun in panting and listening to a podcast. Cleaning is not possible because of my auditory processing problems, running water is the worst. Sitting and just listening doesn’t work. So I enrolled in a knitting class and knitting provides me enough stimulation to be able to sit down and listen to a podcast.

Places like Coursera and FutureLearn, an e-mail from FL just came in, can be great but I am not sure that they are a great fit for me at the moment because I can’t go as fast as I can or want but have to follow a schedule. This can be great for people who need deadlines, as for me and my occasional executive problems it’s awful.

There are two classes which I want to mention here because I really like them:

  1. Knitting I: Learn the Basics with a Simple Scarf
  2. Perspective for Comics: Drawing Crowds, Buildings and Streets


I like to begin before breakfast, in fact I am experimenting with skipping it because it makes me slower and sometimes awful, with courses and I end the day with an hour long knitting session and listening to a podcast.

  1. Spoonie is a person who subscribes to the Spoon theory