Unrecruitable in Prague, meaningful connections and lazy recruiters

Starwars battle droid's head with caption Blocked by Clanker

I like recruiters, except when I don’t. Let’s be real you won’t be able to recruit me for almost anything in Prague or Czech republic because I can’t say that I have close family or friends or place called home here.

Actually Czech republic isn’t my home since I was 13 when I moved to US and now I want to go home. It’s a long and quite sad story how I got back. But fast-forward to almost three years ago when I tried nomading but I’ve put on my plate way too many things from my personal life and chose to find a more stable job at one location to sort them. At that time it made sense to go back to Prague.

Nine months ago I underwent surgery which was no longer avoidable and I had a year of daily post-surgery care ahead of me. So when I left my old job at the end of 2017 it made sense to look for a project in Prague. I didn’t quit during probation period because the project is interesting enough and I certainly won’t quit for random project where you need Hammer Carpenter or Spoon Chef1.

But as a recruiter you know that, don’t you? You know that because as a recruiter you create meaningful connections with people you are trying to recruit, right? Even if you don’t have a project for the person you are talking to, your colleagues might have, so you ask them, right?

Unfortunately sometimes I feel like you, recruiters, play a numbers game. Send an invite on LinkedIn without message because “I might not have a project for them right now but I might have in the future” attitude feels quite strong. It creates meaningless connections. You can probably guess on how many interviews recruiters who didn’t bother to communicate have sent me.2

Even if you do send an invitation without a message, be responsive. We can message you and we can see that you are ignoring us. You wouldn’t rely on someone who is ignoring you to find you a job, or would you?

With some recruiters I had a nice chat, shared a joke and all was good in the past. But on Friday I’ve got an invite without a message, for the context in my last two posts I was complaining about this behavior, so I sent them a message “Hello Clanker” with a Star Wars Battle droid image3. Couple of hours later they’ve blocked me. It made my day and I am still giggling about it. At the end of the day, it was a good call4.

If you are a recruiter and you made it to here, congrats. As a bonus here’s what would make me consider a project:

  • Location: Remote
  • Work: Data visualizations, Accessibility, Front-End dev, Python and R might be ok too
  • Part-time
  • Ethical side: GDPR required, no gambling, games without pay to win model only
  • Designer, tech docs role(s) are present on the project
  • Usability testing and User Interviews are attendable by developers, mandatory would be better
  1. React developer, Angular developer, etc.
  2. It’s zero.
  3. The second post was screenshot of exactly this
  4. The agency where they work is named GoodCall. So put intended