Two year long challanges

Archer is aiming at target represented by two red circles. Archer's point of view

I have been thinking a bit about my goals when it comes to skills I would like to be better at. One of those things is writing. I wrote about why I am participating in NaNoWriMo1. This time I am writing about non-fiction writing, specifically design and programming. So I plan to write at least 130 blog posts in the next year starting at November 30th.

The other thing I want to get better at is drawing with my hand. So I plan to do a similar challenge which is about drawing every week at least five pieces. The reason why I don’t want to draw six or seven pieces a week is my decision to try avoiding a burnout. The featured images for posts on this blog count to that number. I will post all drawings on my deviantArt page. The starting date is the same. On November 30th 2016 I should have on my deviantArt page over 2722 deviations

The reason why I am starting on Monday is simple, it is Monday, and I didn’t want to wait until the next year. I was considering whether I should start today but I decided otherwise¬† because I would have three drawings head start. Will you join me?

  1. I probably should say participated because I dropped out. The reason: I didn’t like writing for the sake of writing and not being able to stop and think how the story should develop
  2. On Nov 27 there are 12 deviations.