ToDoLister – introduction

This is another project of mine which I love to revisit from time to time. First version of this project was a Java project for programming class in the first semester of college. It was a command line app because at that time I hated GUIs, all of them.[ref]At that time I was angry with both, Windows and Linux platforms. I also was a bit arrogant and impatient when it came to features I wanted. To be completely honest Mac OS X isn’t my dream operating system, but for me it’s good enough.[/ref]


I knew I had problems with executive functioning then and now it is some times even worse because I live alone and off campus. I am even out of school. My ability to function sometimes depends on To Do lists, but I wasn’t able to find a system which would work.

This summer I found Todoist[ref]Thanks to Anna/Mados (I found them as Mados, now they call themselves Anna on blog. I’m not sure about pronouns) and their blogpost[/ref] and I thought this is it. It’s multi-platform, and is available almost everywhere, it doesn’t synchronize with paper though ;D. I even got premium version because it enabled some features, I knew, would help me a lot.

After a five months or so using it I have hit some limits. So I decided to reopen my project I once created. This time I’m doing it in PHP rather than in Java.

Language decision

My decision to use PHP instead of node.js or ruby on rails or Django/Python is based on pragmatism. PHP is everywhere. Sure I can get Amazon’s cloud services or put it on Heroku or somewhere. There’s no issue with platform it’s coder’s preference. I pledge that I won’t rewrite into a Scala in next 18 months.

The fact that I can deploy it without much thinking, “is this country safe” and “where are really my data” questions arise a lot these days, is a big plus. Database was a no brainer too, MariaDB/MySQL is a proven solution[ref]A significant part of the internet uses this database. As far as I know WordPress doesn’t support other databases.[/ref]


I’m reopening an old project of mine, ToDoLister on GitHub.