The day I leave (corporate) tech

Woman walking away on dunes

After two months working on a crazy project I am quite certain that when I leave my current employer I won’t work for another big company. And it’s not about company culture, it’s more about male tech culture why I want to work for smaller company or solo as my next adventure. It’s hard to be the only woman working on a project.  

Unless something awful happens I won’t be especially happy or cheerful. I’ll also have moving to another country ahead of me as well as new set of challenges. There won’t be time for resentments unless something awful happens.

The reasons why I am staying are simple: I feel I can learn how things are going in big companies and let’s face it as modified gal I won’t have another opportunity to work for a bank. Small number of developers at my current location allows this. Tertiary reason is that my current employer has a good system of education.

But at the end of the day male tech culture isn’t something I like and I want to go home, whatever home means but it’s not my current location.