Blackboard with text: "New Teacher: Sarah Gebauer"

I wrote on Reddit in one of the support groups for adult children of abusive and/or neglectful parents that I never feel that I know enough. It took me a long time to overcome this feeling to be able to proudly say that I know more than enough of CSS and HTML to start my own business. This week I am adding a new thing into my portfolio, video courses.

Yesterday I worked hard to create my first course, last seven weeks of youtubing doesn’t count, on Skillshare. The difference compared to my YouTube channel is format. On YouTube instead of small chunks I create one long video. It’s alright for that medium but skill learning platform needs something else.

On Skillshare it’s a custom to make several short videos. Starting with a pitch and followed usually by an assignment for the class. The pitch video has to be inviting. Personally I prefer when I can see the human because I can adjust to the way how they speak much easier. So I made a ~30s video where I am introducing myself. Class project video followed the introduction.

Following three videos are core of the teaching. The first one focuses on reference and how extract the most important parts. Second one is all about the important parts without color and finally the third is about the color and finishing touches.

Designing a product which doesn’t end with delivery was an interesting experience and I plan to make more video courses. At the moment I have two other ideas which I would like to implement before I leave for Hamburg.

Personally acknowledging that I know enough and being able to stand up and speak as an authority on certain topic feels great.

I still have to write copy and upload parts of the class, rendering takes forever, but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you’ll see when is class is up.