How I made Winter solstice animation

Dark blue sky, moon in the top right corner

With redesign I chose to make a space for an animation between the menu and the actual content. It’s always an SVG animation, so nothing which would cause huge data transfers, current one is 4KB big. I am close to paganism so Winter solstice is more important event to me than Christmas, so I made animation which represents it. Continue reading “How I made Winter solstice animation”

Interesting things from the web – Week 44 of 2017

43 purple boxes, one orange box, eight turquoise boxes

In the past I used to buffer tweets of interesting things which I read on my commute to work but I stopped doing that because my commute is mostly underground and it became quite a chore quite after a while. So let’s try a different experiment because I’d like to document the most interesting things which come across every week. So let’s try a weekly post with links to interesting things. Continue reading “Interesting things from the web – Week 44 of 2017”