Strangeness of basics

When I was at university I didn’t notice one thing: the closer you got to actual hardware the more you learned about user experience. My main object of interest is web so this isn’t something I would expect. In design community I hear about books about psychology and when I read them I think that this is a common sense.

But then I think about it. Thinking about thinking 😉. There are places where psychology and constraints make the designer or engineer do the same thing. As an engineer I need to use as short distance as possible so I don’t have complicated design. As a designer I should put controls as close as possible to the thing being controlled. And yet burners and their controls are weirdly chaotic.

Also I don’t understand the divide between designers and developers. This stems from attending a class on microcontrollers, assignments always started with word “design”. This included hardware, user flow and code. Sure one can say that today’s web is too complicated for being a designer and developer but I see it a little bit differently.

Web is only one medium, certain class of MCUs is similar. Yet we were expected to learn how to use the documentation which was buggy something similar to current state of web. I do believe that one person can be both but can’t know everything. It’s foolish to think that one human’s brain can hold information which can be stored somewhere else.

Here come the search and analytical skills. There is no need to complicate this just so we can brag how good we are at complicating things. Developers and engineers don’t need to use the biggest hammer on every project they can lay they hands on. Technically we can create whole website in SVG and keep it accessible and even responsive but why?

Why should we create and use big JavaScript libraries just to so we can use dozen or so functions.

I like ice hockey and rugby. If you try to create something unnecessary, you’ll lose. And I can safely say that web is similar. There’s no need for complicated tiki-takas. I feel as if we dried, pun intended, our solutions and forgot about KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid [comma position uncertain]).

I certainly won’t advocate for spaghetti code. That’s one thing we should avoid. I am advocating for the simplest solution necessary. It’ll save us a lot of time. I got stuck in project just because I wanted them to scale as easily as possible even when those projects were in the prototype phase.

So keep it simple stupid and spend more time on accessibility, art, usability and stuff like that.