Starting with Laravel #1 – Setting up dev environment

Server on cloud saying "Hi! I am your imaginary friend"

As I have written in a post about my skills I wanted to try a PHP framework after a while, other than WordPress which I haven’t seen since I started working at my day job. My poison of choice in this case is framework called Laravel. There was no special reason I just read about it sometime ago and liked it enough to remember its name. Also I don’t like Nette because of historical reasons1.First thing is installation. At first I tried to use VirtualBox and Vagrant according to the getting started guide but either it’s too late and I am not as focused as I should be or I am missing something. So old school way it is. I am going to use Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox. It has been seven years since I used one and I want to refresh my knowledge when it comes to web servers too. You can download Ubuntu Server from here.

There are two reasons why I am choosing virtualization instead of setting up dev environment on desktop:

  1. I can emulate production server easily
  2. Managing packages like PHP7 on Mac is PITA
    • Homebrew and friends aren’t as good as old apt-get yet

At the moment I am setting up my LAMP environment. As this is more about me experimenting I have decided to use PHP72 and MariaDB as a visible base. I am not a fan of Apache because I believe that it’s too big and nginx will suit my needs better.

I will leave basic configuration to the next post in this series.

  1. When I tried it for the first time couple of years ago it had no documentation and I hate flying bat style
  2. I know radical when a lot of web hosts do only 5.6 or older