Sometimes momentum doesn’t happen

Bullet hit a barrier

Building a momentum is a thing which I heard way too often and as I grow older I struggle with it more and more. Because what if you try again and again and nothing happens? What if not all of us are predisposed to be marathoners?

I think about this a lot and I am coming to the conclusion that I am a sprinter. I can do a lot of sprints but I can’t do marathons. My longest time in front of a computer screen is around 40 minutes. People around me are able to sit for eight hours straight, I can’t.

Even if I love writing, coding, drawing and bunch of other stuff I am realizing that momentum is just a thing which a lot of loud-mouthed people talk about. Doing sprints, couple of hours here and there usually do the trick too but it doesn’t sound that fancy as “I completed this game in 48 hours over the weekend.

When you do a lot of sprints you’ll run the same distance probably in the same time as you would if you ran a couple of marathons. Are you a sprinter or marathoner? After today I can proudly call my self a sprinter.