Social Media Exhaustion

I’ve setup my own instance of Mastodon after it became clear that Jack Dorsey supports Nazis. Now I think I’ll cut down on usage of both.


I started using Twitter because I used to be really interested in what is happening in the world and following news reporters, editors and writers it meant that I knew what has happened before it reached “Breaking News”. That made it interesting and I’ve also talked to people with similar interests, so there was a feeling of community.

Later I got around tech, trans and disability groups of humans on twitter. I’ve talked to awesome people not just about those three things but about other things which are happening in their and my life. It was fun and great, Twitter connected me to others.

But since the traitorous president #45 took office things got a lot worse. Information about Nazis/alt-right, TERFs and other awful people started to appear on my timeline more often. So at this point I feel like I am in a pool with Nazis and a handful of good people. I still like those good people from before but I need to get out of the pool now.


Setting up my own mastodon instance wasn’t fun but it was interesting. It also taught me a thing or two from ops department but I am missing there one thing, community where I could be. It means either having several mastodon accounts on different instances or being always a bit outside of them all. That sucks.


I haven’t been using that site as actively as I once did. These days I just check notification two or three times a week but that’s all. Algorithms destroyed it for me.

How to reach me and what’s next

Probably the best way to reach me now is by email or

I don’t know what is next. I don’t know how important and interesting stuff will reach me. But it probably won’t be through twitter or mastodon or facebook. I’ll definitely use my time and energy that I would have spent on Twitter to blog and code more. I’ll start drawing again and may be post my stuff over at DeviantArt.

See you on the other side, wherever it is.