SkillShare course: Creating Webcomics

Sheet of paper with three comic windows and pencil on the piece of paper

I have had an experience creating webcomic before, Lone Wolf Comic, but it became one of those side projects which enter a state of hibernation. Although I don’t plan/want to be a full time cartoonist, making my own webcomic is fun and I wanted for couple of months to revive it. When I decided to try SkillShare I stumbled upon Creating webcomics course. I told myself “Why not try it now?”

The class project consisted of three tasks:

  1. Sketches
  2. Model sheet
  3. Final comic

The first instruction for creating the sketches was to use some light color, basically any other color than black or black-ish1. The second was to base the main character on ourselves. As I have a bokken, Japanese training sword, always near me I decided to give the main character a real sword. There are three places where an illustrator can put the sword. On character’s back, attach it to character’s belt or put it in the character’s hand.

Third option would limit activities which the character could do. First one is a bit impractical, from the point of view of someone who knows how to use a sword and has quite long arms, but it looks somewhat cool, so I tried it. The second position looked the best even though if I used only black and white it would look awful on dark dark/black turtleneck.

2 sketches of main characterDuring the second task I realized that it would feel weird if I used only black and white, even if the outline was Special Black, 110, and the coloring in Black, 100 2. For the sword and pants I chose three different colors, two browns and one white. The wolf’s fur is in the same color as I have done it on paper, Cool Gray 2, C2.toUp2The third task, actual comic, is about my recent life. For some time, since I was dealing with some personal issues3, I have been attracted to yoga. So my daily suffering was the best inspiration I could get.

Web comic, anthropomorphic wolf tries to do yogaThis project is a good starting point for reviving my side project which will need more work to do. One of the things I have to fix is the size of the place for the comic in the WordPress theme. 600px x 200px is too small to for the dialogues to be visible so I’ll expand it to at least 900px x 300px. While creating it I still have problems with dysgraphia and dyspraxia but dealing with them is much easier than when I penciled, outlined, colored and then fixed the colors.

  1. A long time ago I learned that there isn’t one black but a whole spectrum of black color including greys
  2. Both are Copic colors
  3. The body keeps the score covers a lot of what happened to me