Side projects log #2 – Something ends, something begins

Half is blues, the other half is purple. Between them is a strip of white

No, I am not scraping this log it’s just that my web comic‘s arc is at its end I am not planning to bring you update with it. Or I should say that making it to the point where I got my hormones is quite enough. So from next week on I’ll have to think of something else. I will probably post once a week a strip which will not be part of any arc.


I have an account there. For a month or so I drew letters. Usually once a day and posted it there. It was fun I have learned a thing or two about lettering. I still enjoy it but it is not something which I want to pursue much further and make living out of it. At least not at the moment. When I am bored I may post there some of my work but not at the moment. That’s second thing which ends.


As with Instagram I am reconsidering a bit. I have made a first video which was supposed to be a part of longer series but I don’t see much point in it because that’s not what I want to focus on at the moment.

On the other hand I still want to make games. So instead of cancelling that series altogether my plan is to transform this series into asset making videos. They are shorter and I don’t speak as much. Alright I speak in the first one but the others might be without any speech, just music.

Design to code challenge is in its third week. At the moment there aren’t new and exciting technologies but next week I hope I’ll be able to work on some animations. My goal for it is to have at least six weeks with cutting edge technology like CSS Grids, animations, SVG, filters, masks and appearance.

One observation after 2 and a half weeks of doing Design to code challenge is that speaking and making things is way harder than it seems.