So after a month in Czech republic I have a roof over my head. There’s no more thinking “Where I’ll sleep next week?” or “Did I book a seat on a correct train?”. As I am writing this I am enjoying the fact that tomorrow I don’t have to wake up at 4am, get ready and try to catch some sleep on the train. Although I got used to it.

Just the weekly planning took a huge toll on me because it was really hard to recover some spoons for activities that weren’t part of my routine like writing blog posts or drawing. Now that I am settled I have more mental energy to focus on things like redesigning this website. And it needs to be redesigned.

One of the reasons is that I want to focus on my career as an illustrator, partly as a back up plan and partly because I love drawing but I have said that already.

Anyway I’d like to write at least one┬áblog post per week and post at least three illustrations to my portfolio. Also I am trying to make my weekly/monthly/yearly goals public on github.