RSS feeds – my starter pack

Starting from RSS symbol, orange dot and two quarter circle to the top left, quarter circles are added until they don't fit canvas

My last post was about reducing time on Twitter. It leaves a gap of information acquisition. Tools from two decades ago are still here and channels are still available. It’s RSS time again.

Tech feeds





  • CNN
    • Europe (where I live)
    • International edition
    • Middle East (where some of my favorite CNN’s reporters work)
  • BBC
    • only Top Stories feed
  • ARD (German)
    • Tagesschau only


Not included

CSS Tricks

  • It’s a great resource and the current design, especially the home page, makes me anxious because it makes me feel as if something will jump at me. For the time being I’m saving interesting posts by Sarah Drasner, Ana Tudor and others to Pocket until new design is deployed.

News Mavens, Charlie Owen’s blog

  • Unfortunately they don’t have at the moment RSS feed.

Brad Frost’s blog

  • Not all RSS feeds are valid, tried Newsflow and Thunderbird and neither recognizes it.

In case you think I missed something I shouldn’t have, send me an email