PSA: Self-care is important

Blood pressure measuring device illustration in black and white

This is a completely non-technical post. If you are like me you strive to be better than you were the days before. Sometimes you ignore your body when it’s telling you to slow down or change pace. Stop, you have only one body. It’s 2017, not 2030 and this isn’t Ghost In The Shell universe1.

Doing work which I don’t exactly like and trying to do the best work I could and at the same time trying to keep up with the outside world has sent me to the state of long-term sleep deprivation. Depression has sent me to bed with chocolate bars. Neither is healthy and three weeks ago I went to a doctor for regular check up and heard a warning.

My blood pressure was slightly raised. I went into panic because high blood pressure is nothing unusual in my family but as a person in her late 20s I shouldn’t have problems with it yet.

After panic went away I switched to my analytical state and needed more data. I began analyzing my life for last couple of months which were the most difficult this year. Then I bought a device to measure my blood pressure2. And as of two weeks ago I am starting to apply some changes.

  1. I am not going to publish a post every working day, instead I’ll write every day at least a little and publish posts when they are ready
  2. I’ll be in bed by latest at 2230 hours so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

I’m not mentioning any physical activities just yet because I had surgery last week and I’ll be rebuilding my sport habits after very slowly.

Drink enough, eat well, get some sleep, enjoy the little things and listen to your body.

Also don’t listen to this idiot who thinks that crunching is awesome.

  1. Please, ignore GitS with Scarlett Johansson
  2. This is probably overkill but I live with anxiety.