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[Work in progress] My problem with iTunes solved, almost

Published on 2016-02-10 01:00

When I travel I love to have my music with me. At the moment I own and regularly use two laptops. After giving it some, a lot actually, thought I realized that I am travelling with my 17" Dell laptop mostly because I don't have a good music player on my Mac Book Pro. Moving my music files to my Mac Book with 128GB hard drive is not a wise move. I have been learning how to make applications for both, Mac OS X and iOS, for a month or so in my spare time. Yesterday when I was finally at a lesson on Udemy which deals with sound I found couple of hours to solve my problem. My application has a working name 'MusicPlayer', not very creative name. Screen Shot of Music Player It has five standard controls at the top. Slider to change position where the song is. List of songs. Open button to add new songs and volume slider. There is nothing fancy like equalizer or lyrics but I need a simple music player. There are things that I want to change or add: - add labels where they are relavant, both sliders - add label with music count up/down - add button to queue more files - add indicator which file is being played at the moment I will keep you updated when I consider it worth uploading to the MacStore.