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What's next? (2017 edition)

Published on 2017-10-04 23:42

A year ago I started a new job which is something I couldn't imagine doing two years ago when I wanted to be a freelancer. It's time to reflect on my last twelve months and start planning next twelve.

Last twelve months were like a rollercoaster. I've started with Angular 2, then switched to Adobe Flex (yuck, Flash) and Angular 1 and last two and a half months I am working with a corporate framework on top of React. My mental health went from great to awful to "I can manage things on my own" but that's for next post.

I went ahead with my plans to get bottom surgery three weeks ago and I had a lot of time to think about future and what I want to do in my life during my recovery.

One of the things that I am missing in my life is finished university. I have bachelor's degree from a program with a very fancy name "Cybernetics and robotics" which practically means that they have taught me enough advanced stuff from math, physics, computer science and electrical engineering to be able to forge my own path in tech world. But I am not sure if I want to go back for at least a master's degree in something similar because I am not sure it makes sense to me at the moment. When I was twenty it made sense because I had no idea what I wanted to with my life.

My anxiety, learning disabilities, autistic traits and people around me taught me a lot of things and I am conflicted about where I want to be when it comes to making things. Do I want to be at a technical place where I can minimize what is wrong with a design from accessibility point of view or do I want to be closer to creating initial designs and doing user research? The more I think about the latter it seems like a logical choice even if I won't be a specialist with only technical knowledge.

This kind of thinking is a U-turn from my position six months ago when I had no time or energy or will to dive into design as deeply as I wanted. Looking back I shouldn't have accepted the second project that I worked on because the team there wasn't exactly great for LGBTQIA person. That project taught me a lot of things when it comes to spotting toxic people and being more vocal about my needs but next to nothing when it comes to technical knowledge. At least from now I have material to compare.

To support my move into an illustrator/designer/developer hybrid I want to go back to studying at a university from school year 2018/2019. Since I don't really want to go to engineering school I have set my eyes on one university near one of the places which I call home. Going there means passing German exam, so I am brushing up on my German and early next year I will do my best to earn B2 Goethe Institute certificate.

I know that I am a good developer, people with whom I have worked with told me. If I want to I can be a decent designer and when it comes to illustrations, I need them at least as indicator how my dyspraxia and dysgraphia changes in time because notes get thrown away quite often but one usually keeps their sketchbooks for years.

Have awesome next 12 months!

Also I have kept my own company and I'll be reactivating it next month.