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Underestimating the topic

Published on 2017-08-20 16:28

Writing is hard. Writing is hard when you have to do a lot of research and writing is also hard when you want to write about your own experiences. Why did I thought that it'll be easy to write Friday's post which I didn't finish yet?

Luckily I am not a professional writer and I hope I will never be one because coming up with topics from your field is hard even when you are expert in that field. Questions such as Is this basic stuff really interesting? or Do I know about it enough to be able to write a post about it? arise quite often. There are times when a topic idea comes to my mind which summons both questions at the same time. The battles with first question are not rare because more than once I heard about it from people like Chris Coyier (long time ago in some podcast about times when he started and Lara Hogan (in a podcast which I listened to recently).

Second question is seemingly easier to manage because the answer is just learn about it a bit more. Some of us can't do just a bit more. And what is the definition of a bit more? For me most of the time it's a moment when I can confidently use the technology in the wild, or at least do experiments when browser support isn't that great. Occasionally it's not enough and I have to dig deeper. That's what happened on Friday.

On Friday I got fed up with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) again1.. OOP is imperfect but a lot of people treat it like a silver bullet because schools teach OOP as if it is the only acceptable programming paradigm2. in software engineering unless you need a low level language. I have been around OOP for more than eight years and I can use it confidently but apparently I don't know yet enough about it to a write a post about all the reasons why I hate it.

After almost three weeks of mostly consistent writing I am finding that I respect those who do writing as a job even more than before. Mentally it's probably as hard as software engineering if not more.


  1. I tried to leave it behind more than once.🔼1
  2. with exceptions of course🔼2