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Topic problems

Published on 2017-08-17 20:59

For today's post I had problems finding a topic which I could execute. Not that I don't have enough topics on my list of topics. There are more than plenty of them there. But life comes and messes things up.

I have plenty of coding topics which on a normal-ish day I could write, make examples, edit and press publish. But I have also not so normal days which I divide into two categories. In the first category are days when I am low on spoons/time/energy. These days are fine and I have topics for such days. Usually those posts are more philosophical, political, reflective rather than hard coding or design or similar stuff.

But there are days like today when my homesickness, depression and anxiety overwhelms me. On such days I can barely manage to get food for myself because that's almost too hard. If I didn't told myself that I have/need to show up and write I wouldn't probably write today at all and wouldn't write a justification post why I didn't publish something sooner today. For the next category two day I'll prepare information about keeping good health in front of a computer because my eyes are tired from staring the whole day on display.

But for now be nice to others and treat yourself like you want your best friend to treat you.