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ToDoLister - frameworks discussion

Published on 2014-12-01

To start this post I'll say that I don't like using frameworks if I don't contribute to their development. Since I currently don't participate in any way to them I don't use them at the moment. It's a question of control.

Currently the development of ToDoLister is not influenced by any framework. It may or may not change in the future. At the moment it's more of a philosophical question: Am I willing to be dependent on work of others? Especially if I'm not involved yet? What if they decide to abandon their framework or, worse, rework it? This applies to Python, and Scala can be unstable too1.

My anxiety is stopping me from doing a lot of stuff which could make my life easier. But the knowledge that if something goes wrong it's my fault calms me. I know there is either bug in my code, probably, or in the language itself.

That were my reasons why I don't use framework on the back-end. Front-end might be different. I'm used to using jQuery even though I don't participate in it yet. I plan to in the future, at the moment I'm studying it's source code.

Some frameworks give me creeps, I'm looking at you, AngularJS, at some I want to at least look at in the near future, EmberJS and BackboneJS. The reason Angular gives me creeps is simple I come from a place where at least first rendering should happen at server-side and not combination of server- and client-side.

If the client-side is capable of rendering the rest it's fine, but if there's a problem there should always be a fallback to server-side rendering. I'm not talking here about games which use HTML5 Canvas or SVG. I'm talking about single page apps. I can never be certain what will happen on user's computer, tablet, phone, fridge, etc. I don't user's device's capabilities.

In conclusion my avoidance of frameworks is influenced mostly by uncertainty and lack of control. I may start using them but I'll need get involved in their development. Not before.


  1. This may not be true anymore. Currently I'm trying to find time to get in it again. I love that language.🔼1