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Today I learned - Multisite mystery signup

Published on 2018-01-16 01:43

As a part of process of writing in multiple languages I have set up a multisite. Unfortunately it wasn't without glitches.

When I have set up my multisite I was accessing SarahGebauer.com through https and www because that's my default mode as an admin. It surprised me when I saw a box talking about registration instead of my landing page when I used just 'sarahgebauer.com' as my access uri.

Unfortunately I have missed a little note in Network Settings which says that you should add 'NOBLOGREDIRECT' constant to your wp-config.

Registration settings

It took me a while to find it and figure it out. In my case I had to add a line to wp-config:

define('NOBLOGREDIRECT', 'https://www.sarahgebauer.com');
This says to Wordpress Multisite, that if it can't find a blog or encounters a non-existent address in general, it has to redirect the visitor to provided website, in my case secure www website.

Unfortunately my .htaccess wizardry skills weren't up to this challenge this time.