Tech hiring process is broken

Published on 2018-09-26 09:00

Recently I've been considering changing jobs because I don't like Java that much and in case changing things at my current job don't work out. Also curiosity what's out there and constant noise from recruiters played its part. There are couple of things I didn't like.


Even before I set up my LinkedIn to "open" to several locations in Germany and Belgium I had in my headline, except for a period of about a month, that I am not interested in changing jobs in Prague. Yet some recruiters didn't bother to read my headline and spammed me just in case.

There was a hilarious interview and rejection during that month when there was no indication that I am not interested in job in Prague. At the interview one of the guys asked me if I'd be bothered by not writing a lot of CSS and they rejected for being full-stack at my current position.

There are couple of reasons why I am not interested in staying in Prague but the major one is that after living a year in the Colonies1. in my teens I returned to a foreign country and foreign country it stayed.

Empty Invitations

Empty invitations are plain simple awful. In last two years I have accepted invitations from people who have sent me an empty message but those people I knew personally. Either online from Twitter/Facebook or we've met in the meatspace.

So before you send a LinkedIn invitation to anyone, say at least "Hi! My name is X. I do Y."

No information before phone call

This issue I've encountered with recruiters working for one concretely certain company creating applications for people who want to buy construction material. If it was only done by recruiters who are trying to find people willing to work in gambling, I'd understand it. Unfortunately that's not the case.

Side note, this company rejected me almost a year ago for being too "junior"2. for them but I didn't learn about it until seven months later through other channels.

Musashi recruiters

I admire Miyamoto Musashi and hate Musashi recruiters at the same time. Miyamoto Musashi was an excellent martial artist, writer and artist. One of his strategies was to anger his opponents by coming late to a duel. In the last month or so there was a streak of four or five recruiters who called 15 to 20 minutes later than we agreed to.

Honestly, I do have a day job and although it's somewhat flexible I'd prefer to keep a daily routine. So if I offer you a time which isn't super late in the evening or super early in the morning, be pünktlich. In other words, if you had to wake up early for a certain person and the said person was late, you wouldn't be thrilled, would you?


Homework is a bane of my job hunting existence. I am Dyslexic, Dygraphic and Dyspraxic. Those three are the reason why I was more interested in accessibility and helping others access modern technology than in inventing robots. This also means that I am grateful to those three for my career as a front-end developer.

Those three developmental disorders and traits from couple of others make it really hard to go through technical interviews where homework is part of the process, especially if there's no deadline. Another problem arises as I usually take things literally, so unclear instructions with a big room for interpretation can hinder me from submitting it.

By this I don't want to say that doing five rounds of interviews in two days is any better. It's probably the same or worse.

There's a way how to improve this. A lot of employers are saying that developers who code in their free time are better than those who don't. Yet no one at the technical interviews talked to me about my public code or my technical blog.

Side note about the paragraph above: Being young and single I do have time to code but I also like to create art, knit, crochet and read. Those four things make me an unsuitable candidate for positions where I shouldn't think about consequences my code creates. I am fine with that.


For the time being I am staying, so don't even try. Unless you want to drag me to Bremen for a part time position and be ok with me pursuing my own projects.