Small charts #1

Published on 2023-03-04 16:31

Making small unrelated charts throughout a week is as important as working on bigger projects. Some of them are made for sharpening skills, others are for exploring interesting data sets. This week my focus was on economy.

Conversion rates

First chart is about conversion rates from US dollar to three currencies. Argentina has long-term high rates of inflation and it can serve as a sort of a base line. It's important to acknowledge that Argentina, Czechia and Eurozone are different economies.

Note: Average rate of inflation in US and Eurozone was not very different in 2022. In Czechia it was at times almost double.

In the following chart is a comparison of relative change in the past year of conversion to Argentine Peso, Czech Koruna and Euro.

Chart comparing relative change of Argentine Peso, Czech Koruna and Euro to US dollar. Koruna is the strongest of the three currencies. Peso is steadily growing

Note: In this chart is the official rate of Peso, not Dólar Blue rate which is currently almost the double.

Inflation rates

Currency rates don't show the whole picture, just one side of it. Another side is inflation. As with currencies it's important to reiterate that these three economies are quite different. In retrospect it would have been fair to replace Eurozone and use Germany instead as Czechia is connected to Germany more than rest of the Eurozone.

Comparison of inflation rates in Argentina, Czechia and Eurozone in the past year. Argentina is the highest, Eurozone is under 10% and Czechia is between 10% and 20%.

Looking at these two charts makes me more than a bit worried about economic situation later this year in Czechia. Strong currency and high inflation are not a good thing for an economy that heavily relies on export.

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