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Skills planning March 2017

Published on 2017-03-09 13:00

It has been a month since I made first skill set map and after just a month it needs an update. It's not complete because it's optimized for my day job and not anything else. In April it'll contain also natural language skills, drawing skills and some business skills.

skills mapAt first let's talk about two dropped things which are Design and UI hexagons. About the reason to drop them I wrote in previous post and the skills map just reflects that. The reason why UX stays is because it is tied to Accessibility and Development in general. It may not be obvious at first but loading speed, framework choice, markup and so on affect User eXperience.

Maven and Jenkins changed colors because I am comfortable around them and if I chose to use them in a project I probably could with a little help from documentation and examples which are available to me at the moment. The process how I learned to work with these tools is similar to osmosis, you are near them and you become comfortable to use them, sometimes you check the configuration files. That's all.

When it comes to improving my skills I am playing with Laravel and watching Laracasts. As a framework-sceptic person it's a bit stretch but I can see a reason why would anyone wanted to use a framework. As a business person I understand why it makes in some cases sense. As a developer I am wary of the cases when it doesn't make sense, especially when there is a need to avoid vendor lock-in which I am experiencing in my day job.

There were two additions to purple skills, C and R. C is a low level language and since recovering from a burnout I would love to try again to work with ARM microcontrollers because I can see a lot of parallels with Front-End Development. When to use framework or when it's better to send data to be processed somewhere else. It'll also improve my UX skills because with limited pins it's hard to design great interface. Now I need an oscilloscope.

R is a language for processing data. Although I don't plan at the moment a career in data science I think it's handy to be able to process raw numbers without relying on someone else's algorithms without a basic knowledge. In the past I have used it in statistics class in graduate school, that's the reason why it's purple and not yellow.

There aren't many significant changes in the other areas but I would like to drop ActionScript in next six months.