Side projects log #5 - Rethinking

Published on 2016-08-12 12:33

Web comic

When I started Lone Wolf comic two years ago I was quite lonely and I found inspiration in lone wolves1., the animals not humans. Lone wolves are wolves who don't have family to form a pack. For a long time I didn't have people who treated me well in my life but that changed in last two years. So for the time being I am going to take a break from this side project2..

Illustration of a robot with four wheels and two hand like thingiesPrevious paragraph doesn't mean that I am done with comics format. Au contraire. I love this format more than short stories, novellas, novelettes, novels or pure illustrations. Text and images are great for semi-verbal person like me because I can choose what is primary and what is secondary information.

The second thing I love is math, including applied math called physics. So meet Kiti who will be a protagonist of my next web comic around math and physics. This means that I will have to design a new theme for it. I am not sure if I'll go with child theme or full theme but the latter option is more probable.


It's sixth week of my challenge and I am in a dip3.. It's hard to make videos, partly because I have to deal with some old personal things4. and partly because I have currently very bad internet connection and have go to the city to upload them.

Have a great weekend!