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Side projects log #4 - The bottlenecks

Published on 2016-08-05 00:00

There are so many side and big project which I want to do but I have just so much time and energy. Therefore I am shaming myself into making at least stupid alpha version. It's time, it has been three weeks already.

I am still working on the 12 weeks long challenge. It's currently fifth week, so I have to make seven code videos and six design ones. It's a good challenge and I am hoping that something good will come out of it, at least being able to code and design under pressure.

Upload speed calculator

This is a flash project which I made within two days after I thought about it. See the shaming in the first paragraph is justified. It does simple calculation which will tell you how long it'll take to upload a file at certain speed.

My reasons for making this web site are crappy Wi-Fis at my accommodations on the road. Some places have just bad wifi but my current place has 4Mbps for download and 500kbps for upload. Uploading at full speed is never a good option if other people use the internet so limit my internet connection is a necessity.

When you limit yourself it's good to know for how long. After that you can think about alternatives for uploading.

Chrome has a option to limit speed but it can slow your computer. Better solution is to download Apple's developer tools which has network speed limiter.


Upload speed calculator

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