Side projects log #1 - Destroy what doesn't work

Published on 2016-07-14 23:00

I wanted to keep making GameDev's logs but I am not indieGameDev in a sense that when I don't work on normal job/job-like things I make games. I still want to make games but I also want to do other cool things, like make YouTube videos, build tools etc. This tension made me switch to a different type of log.

Personal website

Currently I am redesigning this website because when I made the theme for this website couple of months ago it was meant only as temporary solution. There are some mistakes which need to be repaired, mostly aesthetic and accessibility. At that time I knew a bit less than I know now but couple of things still baffle me when it comes to contrast. I am fixing that.

Design of home page for next SarahGebauer.comAnother thing which I am working on is learning CSS Grids and making sure that when CSS Grids are in more browsers by default than just next version of Safari I am ready. Quick look at the home page will tell you more. In has changed a little bit and there are five instead of four boxes at the moment.

I can do this design with my current skills and browser capabilities but CSS Grids are much better solutions than floats and flex-box even though I swear by both.

YouTube channel

I mentioned that there is a new fifth box which is a YouTube video for my introduction. I have shot the video in park in here in Tallinn. It is a temporary, ehm, video as I plan to remake it next week when I am in Tartu, Estonia.

My decision to start a YouTube channel was very reluctant. I wanted to do it for years but I didn't want to create a gender transition related channel for two reasons:

  1. When I arrive, what next? I am still subscriber to somewhat dead channels by other trans people and I didn't want to end up as one of them
  2. I had no idea what to upload

At the moment I am still diving into the infinite depth of YouTube for tips on knitting and cooking. My thoughts about getting a long board were directed to YouTube again. There's everything on YouTube, except Pokémons to catch.

Since I was traveling the first type of videos which I could put out there were vlogs from the road. Second I could do tags like TMI tag or Gender tag and as I was at it I could document my life with invisible disabilities in case I wanted to get them diagnosed properly1..

I liked People Sketching videos by Will Terrell but he hasn't posted anything for couple of months now so I with attitude "If I can't find, I'll make it" I made one but I am not happy with it. There is going to be some tweaking around this format.

Finally the last format was inspired by Mackenzie Child and his 12 weeks design to code challenge. The purpose of me doing this is partly fun and partly showing my process. (Wanting to show off is hidden somewhere in it too but don't tell anyone. Promise?) But I will do 12 instead of his 6 website in 12 weeks.

To sum it up, I would like to post 5 video 5 days a week on my channel, xgebi, so far 4 was my best.


I love statistics and analytics and accessibility but current YouTube's subtitle making tools aren't working for me. I'd love to make subtitles for those who can't hear even if it takes hour or two but I also love numbers and remembering how many times I "saw" my own video while make them makes me angry. So I started making my own subtitle tool called Jackalope.

Jackalope, design of first version It's nothing fancy, open file, play and set the delay between the time the last key is press and the time when video starts playing again. It'll run in the browser, I could've made it in Swift but it's an overkill and in case I'd have to work on Windows or Linux it's useless.

It doesn't do timing at the moment and there are no plans for it because YouTube can process plain text and fix the timing so I'll have to watch the video on YouTube only once just to see that the timing is acceptable.

My plan is to finish it by the end of the week but I am not promising anything. When it appears on my GitHub it'll appear in this log too.