Side projects, fun and chores

Published on 2019-12-28 08:56

Side projects are supposed to be fun thing where one is supposed to be free to experiment as much as one wants. But what to do when side project or part of it turns into a chore? Chores are no fun.

Sloth(CMS) project has been intended as a challenging project from the beginning because of my lack of experience in architecting larger application. My skills are enough to architect front-end side of things but when it comes to back-end and database I would still listen to more experienced humans. Two years of being to pushed to work as a Full-Stack developer aren't enough experience, at least in my case, although it's enough to start experimenting on my own.

There were two moments this month while working on Sloth when I tried to introduce VueJS and failed first time and almost failed the second. First time it was a technical issue with npm/yarn, they are looking for required dependencies where they shouldn't. It was an unsolvable problem as it felt as a waste of time while trying to solve the bigger objective. Fortunately it was bypassable with help of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

Note: WSL is an awesome piece of software. Dual-boot headaches are gone.

Second issue that made me almost give up on using VueJS in Sloth came later. My situation is somewhat different than the usual SPAs for which JS frameworks are the most useful. My intention was to use a small app/widget on one page.

While writing this post and doing one last time of digging through VueJS documentation I've seen the leopard1. There's an "easy" way to create a widget by using custom elements with Vue CLI, unfortunately it's not as obvious as it should be.

So when a side project or part of it turns into a chore start writing a blog post about it, do your research all over again and if it still feels like a chore abandon it. As for myself, I am going back to my side project.