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Reducing Twitter time

Published on 2019-04-22 09:20

I've been getting news from not only the tech industry through Twitter for over a decade. I've got to know awesome people in the process. Now it's time to stop using it as intensively. There are several reasons to cut the influence that wretched site has on my life. Here are four of mine.

Capitalists giving platform to neo-Nazis

Twitter is great at giving me a warning when poop will hit the fan. At the same time it's a platform where those people who could make my life a living hell are thriving and will continue to thrive as long as it is profitable. Unfortunately at the moment Twitter, the company, doesn't have as one of their cultural values respecting basic human rights.

All the hype around Jack Dorsey who prides himself for being able to work 18 hours a day and on one meal is bad for every single one of us. The only other person who does that is #45 and there are sleep deprivation hypotheses about him. Both seem to have impaired judgement. My wish is that they both took self-care more seriously because if they won't we'll pay for it one way or another.

Shortening my attention span

140 characters were enough to make a short, meaningful message. 280 characters complicate things because we can now have real conversations which means staying on that wretched web site longer.

One of the consequences that it has, at least on me, is shortening my attention span. I keep skimming what's happening while waiting for a reply. In meatspace it manifests in having problems to read a book or even a blog post as they are too long compared to a tweet. Not to mention writing or doing other things which require attention span longer than couple of seconds.

Worse mental health

Seeing all the hate in real time, although I am lucky as the worst of TERFs[1. Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, by definition a pseudo feminist] didn't go my way, makes me feel sick.

Blurred social connections

On top of that having the ability to contact almost anyone blurs social lines. Is it ok to tweet at someone? Do they know me?

As this is not the Twitter I knew a decade ago I feel a bit lost. There's more space to write stuff. There are more social rules than they used to be and not being neurotypical complicates things a bit.