Reconnaissance by Combat

Published on 2018-08-20 16:00

My current side project requires me to explore technologies and techniques that are new to me. Unfortunately for me I haven't done anything similar in a long time.

The unfortunate part is caused by not being used to think in a big picture and seeing how everything works together. This has been influenced by working in a corporate environment where my analytical skills are curbed at finding a technical solution. It's not necessarily bad on its own.

This becomes bad when one has to switch gears and start looking at the big picture. Working on a design, back- and front-end on a new project is such a moment.

Probably the hardest thing that I am struggling with currently is synchronisation between both ends because as a front-end developer my default settings is to send a JSON with what I currently need. But after some more analysis data changes and with new item added to that JSON quite a few things on the front-end change as well. This sounds alright when it's one or two things every once in a while. Unfortunately this is not the case since SlothCMS is new project, this happens almost always.

So SlothCMS contrary to its name is not a project which I could sloth away until it's functional.

This is probably a sign to look at product management and analytical courses on Udemy and elsewhere. If you know about good ones, please, let me know.